June 13, 2022

Session 123: Lil' Biggie

Ryan is slowly becoming an old man yelling at clouds, this time taking on modern-day rappers. Tiler discusses Ignaz Semmelweis aka The Savior of Mothers and his world-benefitting, albeit, depressing story. You'll also get to ...

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June 9, 2022

MINI-SESH: "That Time Ryan Committed Domestic Disturbance... Again"

In the battle between Men vs women, Ryan evens the score. More unhealthy releasing of anger and as a side note, there are weight classes for a reason. Alert: Lion King spoilers ahead. Symbiotic relationships, weaponizing unde...

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June 6, 2022

Session 122: A Disagree Spree

The internet is a mean place as the guys discuss the connection between anonymity and expressing anger/hatred. What exactly is big d!ck energy? It's official, Ryan is the worst kind of person at the gym,11 and Tiler calls out...

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June 2, 2022

MINI-SESH: Diabetic Tales Pt. 1

The guys sink to a new figurative low as they (anecdotally) joke about diabetes. More traumatic stories from their childhood told through the prism of humor (their specialty). Ryan takes the time to apologize to an old friend...

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May 30, 2022

Session 121: I'm a Frayed Knot

The guys are back from their court-ordered mental health week, and I don't think it did any good... Ryan can't stop making terrible puns (so nothing has changed there), Tiler brings with him an impromptu shameful admission an...

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May 19, 2022

MINI-SESH: "That time the guys were robbed"

The guys continue to prove that they're man enough to discuss sports (but only when their teams are winning). The guys decide to enlist in the Costa Rican army, as Ryan wages war on the French (for absolutely no reason). This...

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May 16, 2022

Session 120: Twink-ish

Ryan continues the trend of throwing huge societal talking points at Tiler, with zero heads-up. Tiler wants to tell you all about his perfection(ism). They’ve got another International Hello as they welcome Albania into the f...

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May 12, 2022

MINI-SESH: Bartender Confessions - Code Adam

What's the worst excuse you've ever used to get out of a responsibility? Ryan has another Bartender Confessions™, and let me just say, some people are the worst. There's plenty of controversy throughout this one. While Ryan w...

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May 9, 2022

Session 119: Yeast Mode

There's a lot of information packed into this one (most of it gross or boring). Tiler talks about his experience last night at an amateur comedy club and what it's like when the person on stage is bombing and you're one of on...

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May 5, 2022

MINI-SESH: That time Dr. Drucifer kicked Kratom

What's the worst addiction you've ever dealt with? Dr. Drucifer, normally the show's porn-espondent, stops by to discuss his own experience with addiction. Withdrawal sounds terrible, by the way... The guys also break down th...

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May 2, 2022

Session 118: Giving bad advice with good intentions

The guys discuss the perils of day drinking (again) and the embarrassment of being the person at the party that drank too much. Ryan continues his war on people who don't wear headphones to the gym, while Tiler has another GB...

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April 28, 2022

MINI-SESH: Good Cock/Bad Cock (Cock's are roosters)

Is the birthday song at restaurants dehumanizing to everyone involved? Also, whatever happened to Westboro Baptist church? Are they still a thing? Ryan has a PSA for your ASS and the guys discuss respect through the prism of ...

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April 25, 2022

Session 117: The War on the War on Drugs

What's everyone's take on day drinking? The guys are noticing how much more difficult it gets as they age. Tiler and Ryan spend this session tiptoeing through a racial minefield and somehow manage to step on every single one....

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April 21, 2022

MINI-SESH: Ryan flees the scene of a crime

What is the worst car accident you've ever been in? Ryan longs for a better time, all throughout this episode. Tiler continues to egg Ryan on and I wish he would stop. More name-dropping than is ever necessary, the reminiscin...

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April 18, 2022

Session 116: Depression with extra steps

The guys continue to try to find the perfect balance between information and entertainment with varying degrees of success. As Ryan updates us on his struggles with diaper rash, Tiler learns how to be vulnerable. The guys get...

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April 14, 2022

MINI-SESH: "That Time Ryan Ghosted... Hard"

Do people who bring up serial killers feeding their victims to rats midconversation make you uncomfortable? Asking for a friend. Ryan tells an incredibly embarrassing story from when he was younger and it's all kinds of uncom...

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April 11, 2022

Session 115: Shamger

The theme of this session seems to be "immorality". Ryan's sick and on way too much medicine and Tiler is really depressed this week and dragging the mood down. Tiler brings another WTF!? to the show, America edition. Ryan wa...

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April 7, 2022

MINI-SESH: "That Time Tiler Died"

The guys discuss another childhood story. While Tiler tells the incredibly traumatic story of the time he "died" Ryan attempts (and fails) to censor himself. Have we only recently started, as a society, to care whether kids l...

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April 4, 2022

Session 114: You're Gaslighting Yourself

The guys break down their defense mechanisms and explore their blind spots. Ryan is posted up on the moral high ground and refuses to come down while Tiler argues on behalf of expanding his own horizons while being as pretent...

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March 31, 2022

MINI-SESH: "The Baffling Bathmat Mystery"

Passive Aggressive Anthony joins the show to discuss the (unsolved) Bathmat Mystery™. A tale of love, sex, and of course, mystery! Can YOU solve the crime? The guys get down and dirty in this one as Ryan explains why he loves...

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March 28, 2022

Session 113: Shave the Whales

The guys make it a point to be less crass and it goes about as well as you'd expect. There's plenty more sex toy talk, Ryan's "old man hog shots", and plenty more topics and conversations no one wants to hear about. Douche of...

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March 24, 2022

MINI-SESH: "That Time a Hidden Camera Happened"

The guys have a real hard time staying on topic in this one, even by their standards. There's a little bit of everything in this one (or nothing). The guys discuss a heinous crime committed by someone they used to know... wit...

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March 21, 2022

Session 112: Adult Toy Story

The session should be titled "low hanging fruit". The guys dig deep into their sophomoric side with plenty of jokes and shenanigans while occasionally coming up for air with a serious conversation here and there. Early in the...

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March 17, 2022

MINI-SESH: "That Time Tiler Came Out"

We've got another serious conversation, an incredibly traumatic experience, told the only way the guys know how; with humor. Ryan, again, attempts to fix the human race while Tiler tells the story about the (first) time he ca...

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