April 12, 2021

Session 64: Splort (Anniversary Addition)

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Session 64! We can't believe it, you cant believe it, but it's here. This is Ryan and Tyler Menendez giving our usual guy a 60 second respite (it is his birthday, after all). We just wanted to say thank you to all of you, the ones who've supported us, the ones who've done/said mean things to us (looking at you MoneyTime!), this is a celebration of an episode. As always, we love you, you pieces of bleep.

ASMR or worst sounds you've ever heard, you be the judge. Douche or no douche, guy who calls Charles Manson, Charlie Manson? Ryan's "obsession with Dateline" rears its ugly head. Tyler receives a present, wanted or not. Banging music, loud noises, do all adults do crack and a celebration all around. They are THOSEGUYSYOUHATE!