Podcast Shmodcast

These guys are great, if you have time to waste. There are other things that would probably be a better investment of time. Let me list a few: ••Work for free ••Manage your porn collection ••Unsolicited surprise tickle fights If that’s not at your disposal, give this show a shot.

This podcast broke up my marriage

Here’s the problem: this podcast is so hilarious, so informative, so downright sexy, that it broke up my marriage. Apparently there’s something wrong with staring longingly at your radio while listening to a podcast on all fours. At least according to my wife. Well, who needs her? You two are all the wife I will ever need. Thank you for your service.

A panacea for your soul

Where do I start? Ever since I subscribed to this show, I have found it easier to relate to my family. Thank you for that, guys. Also, my hair has started regrowing and my impotence is no longer an issue. Ever since I happened upon your amazing show, I have all but solved world hunger and I haven’t banged my elbow on a single one of those airplane beverage carts. What don’t you guys do? Oh, yeah... make me laugh.

Extraordinary Dudes

I have found my people. I feel like I have known these guys my whole life. Hilarious and ironically insightful at times. Love these guys!!!!


There. I gave you five stars AND I’m writing a review. Can we end this? Have I passed all of your tests? Have I jumped through all of your flaming hoops? Everybody come listen to this groundbreaking podcast. Their incredible use of bathroom humor is so subtle, it’s almost like it’s a real joke. One guy makes a slight mistake, and then the other guy pummels him. For an hour. I know. Amazing, right? I did what you asked me to do, now GIVE ME BACK MY SON!!!

Gotta love these guys!

Both of these guys are hilarious! Regardless of the subject, they are constantly creative, spontaneous and original. Their self deprecating humor is contagious. They are definitely establishing a cult following. Along that line, if you ever decide you want to get a tat of their cover sketch, do not ask the artist for the Menendez brothers!

Wildly funny and informative!

This show just keeps me coming back for more! While pushing the boundaries, these guys have figured out a way to cover topics most people would call taboo and they still figure out a way to make you belly laugh. Highly recommend!